iPad Excitement

It's been a long time since I've been so excited about a new gadget. It's pretty universal with the early press giving the iPad strong reviews. So the gadget gurus and early adopters will be there for sure. I'll have mine unboxed tomorrow... ill timed trip to the mountains preventing me from going to the Apple store to enjoy the geek gathering. The buzz of kindred spirits waiting in line together for a cherished item. Reminds me of sleeping overnight for Grateful Dead tix in NYC in the early 80s (well, almost).

Gizmodo published a great list of essential iPad apps. Includes both Pandora and SoundHound and some of my other favs: Netflix, Flight Control, Kayak, WSJ, NYT. Looking forward to trying Magic Piano by Smule, Wolfram Alpha and others.

Full Article from Gizmodo is here

Excerpt from Gizmodo:
Pandora's free music discovery app isn't overly ambitious in its transition to the iPad, sticking to its basic customized radio feature, while presenting artist info along your playlists. Still though, the music is free and unlimited, and exceedingly well chosen. (Algorithmed?)

SoundHound: IDs any music that's playing with a seriously fast recognition engine, but doesn't stop there: It does lyrics, music discovery, charts (based on what people are IDing, not buying) and full playlist playback. $5

Another great article from Mashable on Pandora as a "lean-in" experience. Time to mount an iPad on my wall next to the stereo as the dream controller? full article here

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