The Eyes Have It

In its October issue, Business 2.0 features BlueLithium in a story about technology's "next disruptors," or companies whose innovations are "game changers." That's BlueLithium CEO Gurbaksh Chahal in the picture above, picking eyeballs. (Eek.)

Glam Hits the Catwalk

Glam has launched a new social network for fashionistas. Here's a link to the press release.

"Fashion and style are converging more and more to bring together designers, celebrities and fashion-obsessed fans," said Samir Arora, founder and chairman of Glam Media. "For example, consider the ever-increasing popularity of celebrity events, fashion weeks and TV shows such as Project Runway. As more and more time is being spent online, we recognized the need for a social network for fashion and style, a unique environment to help people to network to be discovered."

Glam Takes "Central" Stage

Glam received a nice mention in The Wall Street Journal yesterday. [Subscription required.]

... [T]oday, a year-old company called Glam Media plans to launch a new fashion blog-ranking system called GlamCentral that will use criteria such as "most viewed," "most linked to" and "most commented on." Chief Executive Samir Arora says the new rankings will be useful to advertisers and fashion publicists, as well as Glam itself, which is looking to buy blogs.

"This is going to be the YouTube of the fashion world," says Mr. Arora. Scheduled for release next quarter is a search feature that will enable users to look through fashion blogs to find a particular string of text.

Real Girls Media

Real Girls Media's Web site is live. Check it out.

We're providing a new way for women - young and older - to reach out, find out, express themselves, connect, share their experiences and ultimately give - and get - something of value.

RGM sites combine real voices with guided editorial and the dynamism of an online community. Through our proprietary technology, we enable users to easily submit - and automatically publish - their thoughts and stories. And we give all visitors a variety of ways to engage with the content and the community.

Our flagship site, launching in 2007, is called DivineCaroline. It's a real place for 25-54 year old women. Whether you've got a lot - or a little - to say about your kids, your career or your world, you can say it here. Your words will be published right alongside those of your sisters and those of professional writers.

Eventually our network will consist of multiple sites and resources serving different age groups.

Great New Addition at BlueLithium

BlueLithium has appointed Scott Kauffman to the new position of President and COO.

"I'm excited to join BlueLithium, which is leading the way for a new generation of ad networks," said Mr. Kauffman. "Gurbaksh and his team have created the ability to turn user data from billions of ad serving interactions into higher ROI for advertisers and higher inventory value for publishers. I look forward to helping the company fully capitalize on this opportunity."

Rusty Rueff on MarketWatch

Check out Bambi Francisco's interview of SNOCAP CEO Rusty Rueff on MarketWatch.


Today, MySpace and SNOCAP formally announced a major digital music partnership. This past weekend, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and many other publications ran stories about a possible deal.

It's a big announcement for both companies.

"Up until now bands faced the challenges of content availability, technology and distribution," said Tom Anderson, president of MySpace. "This music service enables artists and labels to oversee their own commercial and distribution platforms while lowering the barriers for all bands to sell music directly to their fans in a way that's easy and totally legal."

"SNOCAP's partnership with MySpace empowers the music community in a profound way by allowing artists to establish a direct commercial and social relationships with their fans," said Rusty Rueff, chief executive officer of SNOCAP. "Now, every artist can distribute their music instantly and directly to their fans, making them relevant whether they sell one hundred tracks, ten thousand tracks or ten million tracks."

The New Tastemaker

There's a great new article about Pandora in Sunday's New York Times.

If Pandora and other customizable services take off (and so far that’s a big if), they could shift the balance of power not just in how music is consumed, but in how it is made. “You now have music fans that are completely enabled as editorial voices,” said Michael Nash, senior vice president for digital strategy and business development at Warner Music Group, one of the four major music conglomerates. “You can’t fool those people. You can’t put out an album with one good single on it. Those days are over.”