Real Girls Media

Real Girls Media's Web site is live. Check it out.

We're providing a new way for women - young and older - to reach out, find out, express themselves, connect, share their experiences and ultimately give - and get - something of value.

RGM sites combine real voices with guided editorial and the dynamism of an online community. Through our proprietary technology, we enable users to easily submit - and automatically publish - their thoughts and stories. And we give all visitors a variety of ways to engage with the content and the community.

Our flagship site, launching in 2007, is called DivineCaroline. It's a real place for 25-54 year old women. Whether you've got a lot - or a little - to say about your kids, your career or your world, you can say it here. Your words will be published right alongside those of your sisters and those of professional writers.

Eventually our network will consist of multiple sites and resources serving different age groups.