Glam Shows That Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Now pulling in more than 17 million unique visitors a month, Glam has surpassed iVillage on ComScore Media Metrix's Top 10 list of Women's Community Web Properties. It is also the fastest-growing 100 Web property year over year ending May, 2007. Here's the press release. Also, check out Matt Marshall's story on Glam in today's VentureBeat. Here's an excerpt:

The trends helping Glam are strengthening, [Glam CEO Samir Arora] says — as new blogs get created and advertisers search for new ways to reach readers beyond traditional media. “The deeper we go into this,” said Arora in an interview with VentureBeat last week, “the more it seems the fragmentation has increased. It is deeper and wider than we thought.”

Glam Teams Up with Google

The Wall Street Journal has a story in today's issue about Glam and Google. Here's an excerpt:

Glam Media Inc. plans to announce today that Google Inc. will begin brokering advertisements on Glam's fashion and lifestyle sites and some of the more than 300 blogs and sites affiliated with the company.

The agreement is part of Google's efforts to broker advertisements for high-end sites such as Glam, as the Internet giant tries to lure big-brand advertisers to purchase ads through its online system and expand aggressively in selling graphical and video ads.

Under the multi-year deal, Google will sell some of the video ads and graphical display ads such as banner ads that appear on Glam's sites, including its flagship Google will also provide search technology and sell small text ads that will appear alongside Web search results and selected content on Glam's sites and partner sites that opt for it.