Social Networking 2.0

It's interesting that The Facebook announced that it had received its first round of venture capital funding on the same day that Friendster dismissed its second CEO.

Stream On

VitalStream announced its quarterly results today ...

Revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2005 were $3,397,888, a 71 percent increase over revenues of $1,991,437 in the same period a year ago, and a 14 percent sequential increase over revenues in the fourth quarter of 2004. In the four quarters through the recently concluded quarter, VitalStream has recorded increasing year-over-year quarterly revenue growth of 36 percent, 51 percent, 69 percent and 71 percent.

Name That Tune

Great article by Om Malik on obtaining music recommendations over the Web.

Could Online Advertising Be Underhyped?

More startling online advertising statistics ...

"According to Forrester, the online market is still largely untapped by advertisers. 'Despite significant changes in consumer behavior, there is a large disparity between the amount of time consumers are spending online and the money marketers are spending trying to reach them online,' explains Forrester Research principal analyst Charlene Li. 'When at-work internet use is taken into consideration, online consumers spend more than one-third of their time online - roughly the same amount of time they spend watching TV. Yet marketers spend only 4 percent of ad budgets online versus 25 percent on TV.'"

Vital Signs Look Good

Judging from Akamai's March acquisition of Speedera, the Content Delivery Network space is rapidly consolidating. Today, VitalStream announced that it has acquired PlayStream, which caters to small businesses.

Immigrant Point Overlook

This morning, George Sarlo and his wife, Sejong, dedicated Immigrant Point Overlook in San Francisco's Presidio Park in memory of this nation's immigrants.

[Here are some additional pictures from the event.]