Let's Get Small

Who says bigger is better? Here's an excerpt from Matt's latest piece on SandHill.com:

We continue to hear entrepreneurs tell us that they can find very few good firms willing to lead a deal that needs less than $5 million. In my experience, some of the best founders don't want or need a first round that size. I am hoping that more funds will focus on small, early deals as we have been doing here at Walden.

Glamming It Up

The trend is Glam's friend. Today, the company announced that it had taken second place on comScore's Media Metrix Top Ten Women's Web Properties list for December 2006. Glam Media recorded 8 million US unique visitors in December, representing more than a 100% increase over the month of November and an increase of over 2,666% year-over-year. As a result, Glam was the fastest-growing of top 500 Web properties in 2006 according to Media Metrix.