Internet Radio Equality Now!

Thanks to the millions of people who have contacted their representatives directly or through the auspices of organizations like, Rep. Jay Inslee (Democrat, Washington), Rep. Donald Manzullo (Republican, Illinois), and ten co-sponsors have introduced the Internet Radio Equality Act. This bill will invalidate the Copyright Review Board's recent ruling to increase royalty rates for Internet radio broadcasters and require that Internet radio broadcasters pay no more than satellite radio broadcasters. If you haven't registered your support for Internet radio, please stand up and be counted. The world will be a very boring place without it.

Glam in WSJ

Glam received prominent coverage in an article in The Wall Street Journal entitled "Web Network Offers Reebok Flexibility." Here's an excerpt:

When Reebok launched a new line of shoes and apparel endorsed by actress Scarlett Johansson last month, it took a different approach to Internet marketing. Instead of buying ads on mass-audience portals like MySpace, as it had done for past campaigns, Reebok struck an exclusive online deal with fashion and lifestyle Web concern Glam Media.

Glam worked with Reebok International, a unit of Adidas AG, to put together a marketing campaign aimed at young women that ranged from the traditional -- banner ads -- to less-traditional promotions that looked more like editorial features, such as interactive quizzes about Ms. Johansson and mentions in Glam blogs.

And the ads didn't show up just on Glam has assembled a network of roughly 300 similarly themed blogs, Web sites and magazines that it links to -- broadening Glam's reach. Glam's female-oriented network drew 10 million unique U.S. visitors in March, making it the second-largest women's online property after NBC Universal's iVillage, according to comScore Media Metrix.

"You are not just hitting one portal; you have thousands of these other sites. By showing up incrementally on these other sites, you are getting more bang for your buck," says Marc Fireman, head of digital marketing for Reebok.

Walden Invests in Telekenex

We are pleased to announce that we have invested the first institutional capital in Telekenex, a profitable, business-grade IP service provider for small to medium-sized businesses. Here are the details.

Standards Procedure

The final release of the open source GPL version 3 license is about to go live, and Palamida CEO Mark Tolliver has been very popular with reporters who are trying to gauge the impact of the shift.

"GPL 3 will certainly force awareness of licensing issues to grow, tools like ours or others that can detect and report on licenses and incompatibilities will be a standard part of peoples' IP use and software development environment," Tolliver said.

"To operate without that in this world of increasingly complex licensing will be more difficult and more risky."