Return of the Record Store Clerk

Check out this AP article on Pandora.

Music for the Masses!

From today's Pandora press release ...

Pandora Media today announced that it is adding a free ad-supported version of its breakthrough music discovery service. Music lovers who want to find new songs and artists to enjoy will now be able to choose between this free service and the commercial-free, subscription-based version that has been attracting heavy usage since its launch two months ago. Pandora is also significantly expanding the service with a number of new features, including personal pages where members of the Pandora community can post their new music discoveries by bookmarking favorite songs; and a station editing console that makes it easier for Pandora customers to refine their listening experiences.

So Sue Me

Lloyd's of London is offering an open source insurance policy. Just one more data point illustrating that the market that Palamida is attacking is large and growing.