Walden Companies Score In WSJ Top VC backed Companies List

According to the The Wall Street Journal "There are some 10,000 privately held, venture-backed companies in the U.S. To pick the 50 of them with the greatest potential, a team from research firm VentureSource, a unit of Wall Street Journal owner News Corp., applied a strict set of standards."

Two on the list are Walden Venture Capital portfolio companies: Pandora and Glam. Congratulations to the management teams for the recognition. The article continues: "VCs are having a tough time these days, but many of them are still nurturing inventors and entrepreneurs." Walden is grateful to be in the later group and will soon be announcing the addition of some promising companies to our portfolio. Hopefully they'll appear in this list some years down the road.

From The Wall Street Journal: Sizing Up Promising Young Firms
Venture capitalists, the investors who supply start-up money to promising young companies, are always looking for the next big thing—whether it's a hot new gadget, game or medical breakthrough...

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