Venturebeat Coverage - Midomi #1 Paid Music App + Walden Led Financing

Matt Marshall of Venturebeat covers Midomi's recent ascent to #1 and comments on our involvement. Includes a video comparing the speed of the music identification to Shazam, showing Midomi's speed.


Midomi lets you identify and search for music, hits No. 1 iPhone paid music app

August 3, 2009 | Matt Marshall

Midomi, a mobile application that lets you identify songs by singing into the phone, today became the No. 1 paid music application on the iPhone.

Tomorrow, the company will also announce it has raised $4 million in fresh venture capital funding, led by Walden Venture Capital’s Larry Marcus.

The application boasts several million downloads (the company isn’t specifying exactly how many). It launched the $4.99 application three months ago, and the company.... see full article here