1 + 1 = 4

Advertisers are increasingly recognizing the power of Internet radio. Check out this commentary from Media Daily News ...

Advertisers should also be aware of the precision targeting afforded to them by advances in centralized ad serving and geo-targeting for streaming audio. Audio streaming ad trafficking tools currently have the ability to deliver a unique ad in a live radio stream to each individual desktop based on that listener's profile. So, take that fast-food advertiser and imagine the streamed spot being for "our new deluxe salads" to the 35-year-old female user in cubicle 1 and for the "big burger meal" for the 21-year-old Web designer in cubicle 2. Both ads push to the station Web site (or trigger in the station's audio player) for a coupon good for that day only. That's truly leveraging the megaphone of the radio, with the pinpoint targeting of the Web.

And, according to a recent Magid/MediaSpan research study, radio Web site visitors are some of the most loyal on the Web, with two-thirds of station Web site visitors visiting the sites weekly, and nearly a quarter visiting daily. This "committed relationship" provides a perfect opportunity for local radio to develop Web/streaming/on-air promotions that leverage a dedicated audience who already have PCs, broadband and radios tuned to their favorite station. In the office, radio is a huge complement to the Web--and with add-ons like streaming and integrated station Web sites, the combo can help advertisers make the 1+1=3 leap.

Pandora, which offers each listener his or her own personalized radio stream, provides advertisers with an even more attractive environment for brand-building.