Glam Hits the Books

In this article, The New York Times' Saul Hansell writes about Glam's recently announced deal with Lifetime Networks, which he calls "a textbook example of how to co-opt potential competition":

[Glam CEO Samir] Arora has big plans for Glam. He would like to do similar deals in other categories including health, shelter and entertainment. He’s been able to attract high-powered managers including John Trimble from Fox Interactive and Joe Lagani, the publisher of Conde Nast’s House & Garden. (That’s a sure sign that Mr. Arora convinced them that either a public offering or a pricey acquisition is not that far off.)

The big question here is how many of these ad networks end up surviving. If there are many dozens, Glam may win because it locks up relationships with multiple partners. If smaller networks wither, Glam may still win because it has the right to roll up the inventory of the networks it runs into one big package that may be more appealing to advertisers.