Speak Up!

Yesterday, Larry Marcus spoke on panels at Digital Living Room and an IBDNetwork event. Here are the details:

Shaping the Landscape for the Digital Living Room

What are the business opportunities and challenges facing solution providers for the digital living room? We evaluate the dominant technologies, applications and services all competing to control the consumers' access to content. Broadband Internet, consumer electronics devices, mobile and wireless; portable players; networks. How do we determine the economic value of these services and products against digital rights protections for content owners? Our experts give an overview of nearterm and longterm predictions for the digital home market to help you develop a successful strategy.

Moderator: Michael Stroud, CEO iHollywood Forum
Nick Chakalos, Senior Director, Software Product Management
Connected Home Solutions, Motorola, Inc
Evan Young, Director of Broadband Services, Tivo
Stuart Cleary, Director, Broadband Content Services, Verisign
Jay Gill, S. Manager IBSG Service Provider Solutions, Cisco
Larry Marcus, Managing Director, WaldenVC

VC Outlook for 2007

Join IBDNetwork for its last event in 2006 featuring four venture firms who will discuss and defend their views on the 2007 tech market. In this roundtable discussion, feel free to contribute your own thoughts but be prepared to back them up!

Discussion points include:

- What sectors are poised for growth?
- What sectors are poised for consolidation?
- Top favorite companies?

Mark Albert, Partner, Perkins Coie

BA Venture Partners - Sharon Wienbar
SAP Ventures - Jai Das
WaldenVC - Larry Marcus