Innovation Never Tasted So Good

Large consumer-facing companies like Wal-Mart and Anheuser-Busch turn to Iconoculture for ideas about how that can take advantage of emerging trends. Iconoculture's analysts recently spotted a very enticing development that I think deserves some serious consideration.

Willy Wonka would be proud. U.K. artist Prudence Emma Staite builds edible set pieces full of life-size fireplaces, paintings and chandeliers that are all made of high-quality chocolate.

The deliciously interactive rooms have graced some of England's most elaborate society parties, but Staite's Food Is Art catalog also includes one-offs like plates, tea cups, shot glasses and jewelry.

Chocolate is just the beginning. Staite also has used cheese, bacon, pasta and vegetables as her media. Any kind of food is cultural fodder in her book of design.

Here's a link to Staite's site.