I Want My User-Generated Content

At a Chuchill Club event last night entitled Video Goes Internet: The Future of What You Watch, representatives of WIRED, Google, MSN, MTV, ESPN, and Slingbox discussed the future of video over the Internet. Here are a couple of observations from the panel (in no particular order) ...
  • Traditional networks will only survive if they adopt a "voice" or point-of-view. While ESPN and MTV mean something to audiences, to the consumer, NBC, ABC, and CBS are just random assemblages of programming, signifying nothing.
  • Consumers are contributing a surprising number of homemade commercials to Google Video.
  • Because of rights issues, search engines will not supplant networks. Google is interested in linking off to other video networks. From Google's perspective, finding the right programming will still be a huge problem.
  • MTV and ESPN are designing programming for two-screen viewing.
  • Almost half of ESPN's daily audience of 4.5 million uniques watches videos on its site.